Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Posted on Jun 26, 2015 in Health & Wellbeing

The most commonly heard response from people who have plastic surgery is “Wow!  Why didn’t I have this done years ago!”  Here is a person’s response after having some elective surgery done to her face:

“About three years ago I got divorced after 25 years of marriage.  The split was amicable but still an unhappy occasion.  I spent a great deal of time afterward sitting around the house wondering where to go next.  At the urging of my friends and older son, I decided to retry entering the dating world.  Ugh!  I had zero confidence in myself because I had been out of it for so long.  What I needed was a “shot in the arm” that could give me a little boost to the ego.

breast-augmentation-surgeryThe one thing I decided to do for myself was get a facelift, brow lift and breast augmentation by AestheticBust.  I was in my late 40’s and the years had piled on.  Don’t get me wrong – I still looked very good for my age (thank you, God, for a good diet and exercise!).  However, I still looked like someone just past her prime.

The procedures were not cheap by any measure.  There was a little “sticker shock” when I got the physician’s estimates for everything.  However, I looked at this as an investment in myself.  I had lived my life for my husband and my children previously.  This one was for me!

The recovery took time, too.  Sure there was some discomfort.  What do you think?  These doctors were cutting on my face, and there are a lot of nerve endings there.  However, I had a really good surgeon who was concerned for my well being, and did everything he could to minimize my pain level.

And the results?  I could not be happier!  My surgeon erased 20 years off my face!  When I started dating again, men were shocked when I told them my biological age.  One guy insisted on seeing my driver’s license.  While I am still hunting for Mr. Right, I have no problem attracting candidates.”